Homelessness Taskforce

The Taskforce - led by Councilwoman Mary Sheffield is focused solely on the issues facing Detroit's homeless population. This task force is a collaborative effort among several stakeholders that coordinates existing agencies and departments to create an overall strategy for the homeless population in the City of Detroit. The task force facilitates efforts on homelessness from agencies and departments such as: the Department of Housing and Revitalization, Homeless Action Network of Detroit, Neighborhood Services Organization, Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, Cass Community Social Services and any other entity whose mission is to address homelessness in the City of Detroit.

Greektown Preservation Society

Established by Greek immigrants in the 1880’s, historic Greektown continues to beat as the heart of a thriving entertainment center. The Society’s goals include actively pursuing and creating opportunity to ensure the vitality and well-being of the area. The Society facilitates cooperative strategies to support the existing business and creates a healthy climate for economic growth and development. These goals led to GPS’ involvement in the Detroit Donates program, where they play a key role in the initial development and implementation of the program.